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Diane J.  Brisebois

Diane J. BriseboisPresident & CEO, Retail Council of Canada

Alain Dumas

Alain DumasSenior Director, Digital Strategy, Sobeys

Nathalie St-Pierre

Nathalie St-PierreVice- President Sustainability and Québec , Retail Council of Canada


Join Alain Brisebois, EVP, Affiliate Dealers and Operations Central Services of Lowe’s Canada as he shares with the Canadian retail industry for the first time live and interactive the strategies and insights that led to one of the biggest brand mergers in Canadian retail in 2016. Mr. Brisebois will provide a unique window into market growth and the management of a multifaceted organization featuring a wide variety of different store formats, from big box to smaller community based locations. From assortments to marketing strategies, Alain will discuss how this unique blend is both a benefit, and an opportunity in Canada’s retail landscape. The company also has multiple service delivery options that must be managed efficiently. From direct home delivery, to “click & collect” pick-up in store, to pick from store & delivery to home, to customized product and service blends with the contractor community, it has developed a premium assortment of choice within digital and physical consumer experiences. Get close and personal with a key retail leader in Quebec and Canada!

Alain Brisebois

Alain BriseboisExecutive Vice President, Affiliate Dealers and Operations Central Services, Lowe's Canada

The Future of Consumer Brand Engagement

In retail today, a deep understanding of consumers has become a critical step in the ongoing success of brands as retailers continue to merge their physical and digital worlds. Brands continue to focus on creating remarkable relationships and experiences with their consumers. However, are they getting it right? In this session, Anne-Marie Leclair, Senior partner, Vice-president strategy at Lg2 will discuss how consumers want to engage & identify with retail brands today. Then, Anne-Marie will be joined by leading retail innovators to discuss how they are meeting the needs of their consumer, through both digital engagement, and impactful experiences, and how this engagement will evolve.

Anne-Marie Leclair

Anne-Marie LeclairSenior Partner, Vice President Strategy, lg2

Philippe Normand

Philippe NormandVice-President Marketing, La Maison Simons

Danièle  Bergeron

Danièle Bergeron Vice President & COO, SAIL Plein Air/Sportium

Marine Godfroy

Marine GodfroyDirector, Marketing, m0851

RCC’s “Fast Five” Thought Leadership Series

Retail Game On! Grow Your Commerce Channels

Games and playing are naturally instinctual: collecting, hunting and solving are just who we are. Retail has been taking advantage of this for decades with limited-time clearance sales and contests because it appeals to the human instinct for hunting; in this case to chase down a good deal. Is the web therefore too flat? Full of information, but missing the mark on human interaction? To date, digital retail customer relationships are the exception rather than the rule. Damien Lefebvre, co-president of Valtech Canada will be speaking on a vision where retailers create a "better game" for their customers when shopping.

Damien Lefebvre

Damien LefebvreCo-President, Valtech Canada

Wearables and Internet of Things: Transforming In-Store Retail

With a bold vision to effortlessly merge the excitement of physical store with the convenience of the online world, retail revolutionary and former Amazon executive Nadia Shouraboura describes Hointer. This leading-edge hybrid concept started with one apparel chain in Seattle and now has stores in San Francisco, New York London and Singapore. The success of this technology platform is also now being licenced to other retailers. Come hear about why there is such buzz about Hointer and see the future of retail for yourself.

Nadia Shouraboura

Nadia ShourabouraFounder & CEO, Hointer Inc

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A) A New Recipe for Loyalty: The Chocolats Favoris Approach

Chocolats Favoris understands the importance of customer loyalty to its brand as well as its sales. It was with this in mind that this summer, the company launched its mobile application, ChocoFanTM, concocted in collaboration with the team at Mirego. The unique platform rewards customers for their purchases while allowing them to enjoy a slew of experiences with products and the brand through challenges caught on camera, both at the chocolate shop and at home.

During their talk, Dominique Brown and Sébastien Morin will share the reasons that led Chocolats Favoris to launch this innovative program and the upsides of using technology to gain customer brand loyalty. They will also discuss the importance of having an omnichannel vision and perceiving the in-store and online experience as one and the same.

Sébastien Morin

Sébastien MorinPartner - VP Strategy & User Experience, Mirego

Dominique Brown

Dominique BrownOwner and CEO , Chocolats Favoris



B) How to Innovate Across Channels to Win the Hearts of Your Customers

Just over a year ago, Mondou, a leader in the distribution of products, services and accessories for the health and well-being of pets, made a fundamental decision: it was time for a digital transformation. With more than 60 stores across the province of Quebec and 300,000 customers per month, they had to ensure the change was seamless across their stores as well as online.

Come hear how Mondou, together with partner Orckestra, successfully integrated its physical and online offering to provide customers a greatly improved shopping experience. Learn how they’re now able to adapt their business strategy for a constantly evolving competitive environment. They'll also share their experience with Lean and Agile practices that were implemented throughout this project. Finally, you'll see how Mondou captured the attention of its customers and is now positioned as a leader in its category.

Vincent Trépanier

Vincent TrépanierExecutive Vice-President and Co-Founder, Orckestra

Martin  Deschênes

Martin DeschênesExecutive Vice-President, General Manager, Mondou



C) How Virtual Reality Will Impact Shopping Habits

Is RVcommerce or Vtail for real? Is 2016 the year virtual reality finally makes its breakthrough as a mainstream technology?

Virtual Reality is going beyond everyone's expectations: creating a new form of brand connection based on empathy, thus becoming a powerful marketing asset to engage shoppers. Within the next 5 years, RV and AR (Augmented Reality) global revenues are set to grow exponentially to 100bn$. Those projections clearly show the opportunity for retailers to be early adopters and tailor immersive shopper experiences. Whether you are curious or knowledgeable, let’s take a look into the future of retail in RV with our exclusive keynote Jean-François Tremblay, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Practice Lead at Valtech.

Jean-François Tremblay

Jean-François Tremblay Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Practice Lead, Valtech

Lunch & Networking

Lunch & Learn Presentation

Modernizing the Consumer Price Index with Scanner Data

Statistics Canada makes continuous investments into improving the Consumer Price Index (CPI). These improvements benefit a full spectrum of stakeholders, including policy-makers and retailers. Incorporating scanner data is an integral part of the improvement and modernization of the CPI program. This session will present Statistics Canada’s approach to initiating a collaboration with retailers on the use of scanner data for the CPI.

Bjenk Ellefsen

Bjenk EllefsenUnit Head at the Data Integration and Exploration Lab, Statistics Canada

The Brand Flip: Position Your Company for the Meaning Economy

In the 13 years since Marty Neumeier wrote The Brand Gap, the effects of social media have proven his core theory: “A brand isn’t what you say it is—it’s what they say it is.” Customers are no longer consumers or market segments or tiny blips in big data. They’re flesh-and-blood humans with desires, dreams, and goals. And they own your brand.

Best-selling brand author Marty Neumeier will show you how to make the leap from a company-driven past to the customer-driven future. You’ll learn how to flip your brand from offering products to offering meaning, from targeting market segments to growing a tribe, and from satisfying customers to empowering them.

The battle is no longer between companies, but customer tribes. How will you lead yours?

Marty Neumeier

Marty NeumeierDirector of Transformation, Liquid Agency

Implementing an Agile, Consumer Centric Supply Chain

Nowadays, the consumer driven desire and demands for an extraordinary shopping experience has changed many facets of traditional in-store service and operations. Thus retailers must also redefine their product cycle from vendor to consumer to ensure its agility for this evolving consumer demand. This has propelled the need for demand-driven supply chains across several industries.

In this session, Alain Sawaya, Director, Advisory Services at KPMG will discuss why demand-driven supply chains are critical to the success of businesses, specifically leveraging analytics and e-business in a seamless manner. Alain will then exchange with prominent Canadian Retailers and review successes, cases, and challenges for implementing the demand-driven model.

Alain Sawaya

Alain SawayaDirector , KPMG

Daniel Côté

Daniel CôtéVP Supply Chain , Sobeys Quebec

RCC’s “Fast Five” Thought Leadership Series

Leger’s Online Communities – The Next Generation of Market Research Technologies

Imagine a world where you have real-time access to your customers’ thoughts, feelings and purchasing decisions; a world where you not only see their social interaction, but where you can partake, influence and intervene at your convenience all while acquiring a wealth of market information. Leger’s new online community management platform allows you to do just that: You can engage in an ongoing conversation with your customers, build stronger loyalty, generate new brand ambassadors, and increase your sales. We offer the most powerful platform, customizable to meet your specific needs and restrictions and supported by a dedicated team of experts.

Join us and see for yourself how this new technology can help you to implement your brand strategy and become one of your greatest assets.

Sandie Sparkman

Sandie SparkmanSenior Business Development Executive, Leger

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The consumer experience has shifted, and with mobile and video leading the charge, brands and companies must adapt. Join Nicolas Gaudreau, Chief Marketing Officer of Groupe Dynamite and Richard Cohene, Canadian Retail and E-Commerce Lead at Facebook, as they discuss how to stay on top of changing consumer experience and relationship building through multiple channels. Nicolas and Richard will deliver a state of the nation in retail, and discuss multiple ways companies and brands can reinvent retail — taking account of what works and what doesn’t.

Richard Cohene

Richard CoheneCanadian Retail and E-Commerce Lead, Facebook

Nicolas Gaudreau

Nicolas GaudreauChief Marketing Officer, Groupe Dynamite

Embracing Digital Harmony to Enhance the Consumer Experience

With virtually infinite media options available and a move from dictation to conversation, it is vital that brands re-imagine their marketing and in-store strategies to stay ahead.
Nowhere is this more pertinent than in the world of digital retail where the role of marketing is increasingly driving the customer experience. In this session, Frederick Lecoq will provide an update on Sport Chek's multi-year initiative to digitize its retail stores and provide customers with a personalized and interactive shopping experience. Now that the models are in place, Frederick will describe how Sport Chek delivers a day-to-day omni channel experience. Frederick will address these ideas and provide insights on where digital retail innovation is headed.

Frederick Lecoq

Frederick LecoqSVP Marketing & eCommerce, FGL Sports Ltd

Spread the word: Dans un Jardin is coming up roses!

Customer experience is a key ingredient in satisfaction and loyalty. So how do you optimize this experience? Competition is fierce in the retail industry and in order to set themselves apart, retailers have to be very creative. After all, most of these decisions are driven by customer needs.

Dans un Jardin was faced with several major challenges in the 2000s when the market became much more crowded. As a result, over the past two years the company has made a 180-degree shift so that now customers have been placed at the heart of every decision. Why? To offer the best in genuine, natural products, made using tried and tested formulas known for their benefits. This involved a complete rebranding, more than 300 new products as well as reinvented and improved stores. But the company did not stop there. A great deal of thought was given to the entire sales process—before, during and after. The marketing strategy reintroduced now oft-neglected tools and, as a result, certain traditional elements were added to the more "modern" approaches. The key is to achieve a balance and remain current. The message was heard, and the clients have responded.

Eric Arminjon, President of Dans un Jardin, tells us the latest chapter in the story of a retailer that has now been in business for nearly 40 years.

Eric Arminjon

Eric ArminjonPresident, Dans un Jardin

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